Here are the travel-plans for guided chill-out-tours at the
"smiling-coast" of The Gambia next winter.
If you like it, you could help us to publish it, send it to your
contacts and put it on facebook or offer it to your travel-agency,
whatever you want...
You do not have to book or pay in advance, from our side we will be as
flexible as possible this time, we will be there awaiting you,
and I will accompany you on all tours. I will not earn any money with
this, i do it for to help my friends in Gambia, so we still have some
hope for a good future,
something to look forward to, i hope, you get it!
Vueling re-starts flights from Barcelona to Banjul in July.
Binter Canarias flights from Gran Canaria are stopped until October, but
for our tours it would work with them - until now...
If we find interested people, we can repeat it every winter.