After removing the pulp, the seeds are dried and then placed in hot soapy water for several days until the seed coat can be abraded.
After removing the seed skin, I put the seeds for a while in my homemade St. John's wort oil, in the end they shine in various shades of brown from yellowish to dark green to reddish brown or almost black. The seeds are drilled by hand. They are almost round, at least as hard as wood and smell nutty.

Often I use to combine also the shiny black seeds of the Indian flower tube (Cannacea indica) and all the suitable seeds that I find (Ormosia, Hrudraksha, Job's tears, Assai, Jojoba ...), shells, pearls and semi-precious stones ...

After a test by the Cabildo de La Palma I have since January 2003 the "Carné de Artesano", with which I can also participate in arts and crafts fairs.